Founder of HET

Distressed about the increasing degradation of the Himalayan eco-system, some of the world’s renowned mountaineers and Presidents of national mountaineering associations of the Himalayan nations, assembled in Hong Kong on 14th October, 1989 and established the Himalayan Environment Trust with an aim to protect the Himalayas. Among other efforts, the HET devised a Himalayan Code of Conduct, disseminated knowledge, and spread awareness of the growing concern to save the Himalayan ecosystem from further degradation. Soon the HET was responsible for setting up the Gangotri Conservation Project to act as a model project to clean and green the Himalayas.

During the past 21 years, the HET has organized International Environmental Conferences in several cities of the world.

The HET Code of Conduct was adopted by the world mountaineering Federation and adventure tour operators round the world. Himalayan Mountaineering and Tourism Meets were regularly organized to promote and sustain the Himalayas. Journals, books, website, membership campaigns and interactions with the Himalayan government have all helped not to arrest further degradation but to start the worldwide movement to restore the Himalayas to their pristine glory.




Captain M.S. Kohli
First man to introduce Himalyan trekking globally

Late Sir Edmund Hillary-patron
First man to Climb Everest

Junko Tebai
First woman to Climb Everest

Dr. Karan Singh-Advisor
Chairman, People's commission on Enviornment

Maurice Herzog
First Man to climb 8000m Peak

Sir Chris Bonigton
First Man to Climb South Face of Annapurna I

Reinhold messner
First Man to Climb all Fourteen 8000m Peak

Sushil Gupta
Chairman, Gangotri Conservation Project

Richard Blum
First Man to Attempt Everest From East Face & Chairman, American Himalayan Foundation

Dick Smith - Advisor
First Man to Land on North Pole, Piloting Helicopter from Sydney