“Without the instinct for adventure in young people, any civilization however enlightened; any State however well ordered, must wilt and wither”.

Kurt Hahn
Greatest Educator of our Times & founder of the Outward Bound

“Of all sports, only ountainclimbing,
bull fighting, and automobile racing really tried man… the rest were recreations.”

Ernest Hemingway
(The World Book Dictionary)

“Fifty years ago, when mountaineers were conquering the world’s great peaks, they set out to make names for themselves and their countries and to make history for all of us. It was heroic stuff. There was something pure and glorious in what
they did as they climbed into worlds where no one else had been”.

Graham Bowley of New York Times
author of No Way Down - Life and Death on K2

“I felt a little envious of these fortunate persons who were trying to climb up Everest. How I would have liked to be with them if only I had been younger and other obstructions had not come my way”.

Jawaharlal Nehru

“My heartiest congratulations to the leader, Lieutenant M. S. Kohli and members of his party on the success they have achieved on Annapurna III(1961). May this spirit of adventure and purposeful exploration ever
continue to inspire India’s youth.”

President Dr. Rajendra Prasad

“The conception, the planning and execution of the ascent (of Annapurna III, led by Lieutenant M.S.Kohli) revealed the great courage, endurance, discipline and
organization of the team. This achievement is one of which we can be proud.”

President S. Radhakrishanan

“From every account his success (Annapurna III) reflects great credit on Lieutenant Kohli and other members of the team. As a passive and cautious mountaineer I have the greatest dmiration for the mighty souls who go up the top.”

John K. Galbraith

“The record of Commander Kohli’s expedition (to Everest) will find special mention in history. It was a masterpiece of planning, organisation, teamwork, individual effort and leadership.”

Indira Gandhi

“Kohliji, each and every person I meet, seeks my favour. In your case I have been
seeking your favour. You fulfilled my wishes of Indian girls climbing Nanda
Devi, an Indian skiing to South Pole and
an Army Engineers Team sailing around
the world.”

Rajiv Gandhi

“Captain Kohli himself is the very personification of adventure and leadership. His triumphant expeditions to Mount Everest, and the vital role he has played in establishing standards of excellence in mountaineering and other adventure sports, have not only brought pride and glory to India, but also demonstrated the qualities of true leadership, courage, meticulous planning, organization and a vibrant team spirit.”

Sonia Gandhi

“I am happy that Captain Kohli has now embarked on a historic mission to set up 500 ‘Adventure and Leadership Parks’ in India. These characterbuilding endeavours for the youth will go a long way in improving the quality of life in the nation.”
“Miracles of Ardaas’ by Captain Kohli is a living illustration of the importance of prayer and ethical conduct in our lives”.

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

“Captain Kohli has been an outstanding
mountaineer - an inspiration to young
Indian climbers.”

Sir Edmund Hillary
First Man to Climb Everest

“Captain Kohli represents that rare
individual who, while actively involved in his chosen area of work, has maintained touch with the deeper reaches of the human personality as represented by the capacity for creative prayer.”

Dr. Karan Singh,

“Captain Kohli has a few things in common with our Prime Minister. They share the same name Manmohan Singh Kohli. They come from the same region of North West Punjab now in Pakistan. They are roughly about the same age. And in their own field scaled the highest peaks of achievement.”

Khushwant Singh

“Captain M. S. Kohli’s contribution to the cause of mountaineering and Himalayan environment will be remembered by many generations to come. His story will ever remain a fascinating Himalayan story.”

Junko Tabei
First Woman to Climb Everest